The following definitions will be used throughout the Terms of Business:

  • Fresh Start Direct Ltd will be referred to as ‘the Company’
  • Online Platform refers to our 1:1 live video and whiteboard web-based software
  • The term ‘Tutor’ refers to any member of staff responsible for conducting lessons
  • The term ‘staff’ will be used to cover all Company employees, contractors and workers
  • The term ‘student’ will be used to cover any learner placed with the Company
  • The term ‘block of lessons’ refers to 10 consecutive lessons of the same subject
  • The term ‘Client’ any person or body who commissions the services of the Company to work with a
  1. Introduction

    This service offers bespoke design of each course, to suit each student. Each student has their own learning style and tailoring lessons to suit their needs is paramount to us, as is the success of each student.

    The initial information regarding a student is collated when a booking is made and is used to help match a suitable Tutor to a student. The first lesson is used to assess a student; for example, where their strengths and needs lie, what their learning style is, all of which helps the Tutor plan lessons going forward.

    Tutors employed by the Company may be qualified teachers, have teaching certificates, other professional qualifications, or a combination of these.

    Daily reports on the development and progress of students are recorded and monitored, and regular reports made available to the Client on a student’s progress.

    Any opinion expressed by a Tutor is their own and may not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Company.

    Tutors do not have the authority to make arrangements or enter into agreements on the Company’s behalf.

    Any changes to timing of lessons and other arrangements must be made via the Company.

    Any amendment or addition to these Terms of Business may only be made in writing and signed by the Managing Director.

    1. Safer Recruitment

      The Company operates a Safer Recruitment Policy, a copy is available on request. Safer Recruitment is aimed at ensuring that unsuitable potential staff members are excluded during the recruitment process. This is managed through initial screening of applications, qualification checking, identity and right to work checks, face to face interviews, Disclosure and Barring Service Check (DBS), Teaching Barred List Check, personal and professional references, and our experience in selecting appropriately skilled and effective candidates.

    2. Safeguarding

      The Company trains all staff in basic Safeguarding and has a detailed Code of Conduct. Tutors report regularly on lessons and lessons are observed from time to time, to ensure that staff are conducting themselves appropriately and effectively.

    3. Data Protection

      The Company is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and operates a Data Protection Policy. The Company hold and use Client and student data for the purpose of the business of the Company. Clients providing personal data to the Company are consenting to the use of that data by the Company for the purpose of effecting introductions to Tutors, for billing and fee collecting purposes and to enable the Company to contact the Client and or student from time to time. Data is collected and retained for up to 85 years where required for legitimate purposes in connection with the Company’ business, and subject to suitable safeguards where data may be transferred to others. For further information, please see our Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policy which may be downloaded from our website or requested by

  2. Study Environment

    To ensure effective tuition, the learning environment of the student should be quiet, and without distraction or interruption. The Company mainly use online resources for learning and for any off-line work set. We use offline work, outside the main face to face lessons, to help the student work or research on their own.

  3. Lessons

    A lesson is normally either a 50-minute lesson, or two 25-minute lessons with offline work in between. The latter is particularly useful where a student is unable to attend school and the expectation for the amount of work that they need to complete is high. Shorter or longer lessons can be agreed in advance, as can the number of lessons in any one day or week.

    It can be difficult to determine how much tuition a student requires. The Company tries to be as reasonable and flexible as possible, to ensure the right balance for a student. Some parents use private tuition as a year-round supplement to their child’s education. For others, just a few weeks lessons may be required as a top-up and confidence builder prior to an exam.

    Many people imagine private tuition will be a quick fix. In reality this is seldom the case. It can take time for an effective rapport to be built between Tutor and student. The Company will provide a suitable Tutor, considering staff availability and the student’s requirements. Occasionally, a Tutor’s teaching method or personality may not suit a student. If this is the case, please contact us straight away, and we will find an alternative Tutor.

  4. Cancellations of Lessons

    1. Non-attendance at lessons

      The Company requires a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if a student is unable to attend a lesson. Notice must be given to the Company by telephone or email by the Client. We will not accept notification of cancellation from the student or via a Tutor. Cancellation without notice or‘no-shows’ will be charged as if the lesson had taken place. A ‘no-show’ will be recorded if a student has failed to log on to the Online Platform within 10 minutes of the lessons agreed start time.

      Providing sufficient notice is given, the Company will re-arrange the lesson for an alternative date and time.

    2. Tuition interrupted by the Company

      If a Tutor, for any reason, has to cease tuition during a block of lessons, the Company will replace the Tutor as soon as possible.

    3. Tuition interrupted by the Client

      We require at least one week’s notice of the Clients intention to interrupt tuition, either sent by email or in writing to the Company, likewise with any changes to the agreed block of lessons. This helps the Tutor conclude their work with the student or reach a sensible conclusion at which to make a temporary break.

  5. Payment and Termination

    Invoices are raised at the end of each month, for the month in which lessons have been delivered. Invoices must be settled within 30 days of invoice date. Interest will be charged at 5% over Barclays Bank rate for each day that settlement is overdue, plus any additional recovery costs as allowed by law.

    Once tuition has commenced, there are no refunds for the cancellation of lessons by the Client prior to completion of the block of lessons.

    Tuition is flexible in terms of illness and holidays, and lessons can be rescheduled for an alternative date, providing the Client gives a minimum of 24 hours’ notice of the cancellation. The block of lessons can commence or re-commence within 3 months.

    The Client is entitled to cancel the contract within 5 working days of their acceptance or deemed acceptance of these Terms of Business (“the Cancellation Period”), in which case the Client will be entitled to reimbursement of any Fees paid to the Company. However, if the Client instructs the Company that they want the lessons to commence before the end of the Cancellation Period, they will not be entitled to receive a refund of Fees paid, in the event that such lessons have already been arranged to take place prior to the cancellation.

    At the end of a block of lessons, tuition automatically carries on where there is no agreed end date, unless the Client gives one-weeks’ notice (“Termination Notice”) in writing, to the Company. Payment for an additional block of lessons will automatically be charged.

    If the Client does not provide the Termination Notice to the Company, or does not provide such notice in sufficient time, the Company will assume that the Client wishes to continue and will book the lesson slot with the Tutor for the student, and the Client will be charged for any such lessons arranged.

  6. Fees

    There is no registration fee or administrative charge.

    Our standard hourly rate is £36.00, plus VAT.

    Lessons are provided in blocks of ten, all of which must be taken within 5 weeks of starting a block of lessons.

    If choosing to book more than one block of lessons at a time, or additional block(s) for a different subject, a Client will receive a 5% discount on each subsequent block(s) of lessons.

    If no Tutors are available to teach the subject at the level required by the Client, or if the Client notifies the Company within the Cancellation Period, a complete refund of all money paid will be made. However, if the Client instructs the Company to commence lessons before the end of the Cancellation Period, there will be no entitlement to receive a refund in the event that lessons have already been arranged.

    Fees are communicated in writing by the Company to the Client prior to the commencement of any block of lessons. Fees are normally a standard rate appropriate to the tuition required. Specialist or non-standard subjects may incur additional charges, which will be communicated to the Client before any amount beyond any initial deposit has been paid. If the proposed fee quoted is not acceptable to the Client, any deposit will be refunded.

  7. Guarantee

    Where a Client is not satisfied with a Tutor, or if a Tutor needs to stop tuition mid-course due to unforeseen circumstances, the Company will find a replacement Tutor. If a replacement cannot be found, then the Company will refund the balance of any fees not earned.