There are loads of really good resources online to help you learn about anything you want.

Some of them are useful and some of them aren’t. Some of them will work for you, and some of them won’t.

Fresh Start Direct helps you get access to the best and most relevant resources for you, but without you having to do it on your own.

So, how do we do this? By assigning you a personal tutor.

Having your own tutor is a great way to catch up on school work that you have missed, work on subjects that you struggle with, or work on extra things that you want to learn about—maybe learning to play a musical instrument.

Your tutor will work with you online using our Online Platform. In addition to the work you do with them online, they may set you some independent work for you to do which they will talk through with you during your next lesson.

Having your own tutor also works well if you are home educated and need some specialist help, if you’ve been excluded from school, are off sick, or there may be a different reason. Whatever the reason is, having your own tutor will help you catch-up with or continue learning, or get you exam ready!

What we do:

Lessons are arranged at a time that works for you – you can even have lessons at weekends if that’s best for you. It will be your parents/carers or your Local Authority that pay for your lessons.

We work with any student of any age – all you need is a laptop, mac or PC with a good microphone and camera and most important - a good internet connection.

If you have any questions about what we do and how we can help you, email us: or give us a call on 0203 797 6417.

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