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Starting from £35 for a 50 minute lesson, our prices vary depending on the subject and level taught. Here is a rough guide of what to expect for the prices of each lesson.

How much does it cost?

The first lesson will be a free online consultation.

There is no registration fee or administrative charge. 
All lessons will need to be paid monthly, in advance.

Hourly lessons are VAT inclusive (for private clients).
KS1 & KS2, and school entrance test preparation
for small business
normally $399 £35.00 per lesson
KS3 and SATS
for small business
normally $399 £38.00 per lesson
KS4 and KS5 (GCSE & A Level)
for small business
normally $399 £40.00 per lesson
Adult education
for small business
normally $399 £45.00 per lesson
This excludes music lessons and some specialist subjects, which may cost more. It also excludes resources that are not readily available online, costs of exams if our representative needs to attend a school or other meetings. We will agree any additional charges with you in advance.

Paying monthly in advance will cover the Fees for the lessons for the month following. Payment must be received at least 8 days before lessons commence in any month.

If you choose to pay for a full 10 lessons you will receive a 5% discount.

Paying for 10 LESSONS

All lessons will need to be paid monthly in advance. Should you wish to pay for ten lessons in full in advance, we’ll apply a 5% discount.

What to expect from your initial consultation

Our initial consultation involves a 20-minute online discussion with your child around their needs and difficulties, as well as how we can help and support them through their learning. We’ll also discuss how we work, followed by an opportunity to sign-up for lessons.

What to expect from a review

After the student has completed the tenth lesson, they’ll be invited to a review, which will focus on what they have achieved, how helpful the lessons have been, and how we can help them further. There will then be an opportunity to sign up for more lessons.

Book a FREE session today

Your free 20-minute session helps us pair your child with their ideal tutor and plan a programme that provides the optimum path to success.
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