Fresh Start Direct teaches English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages, Design and Technology, Art and Design, Citizenship, Computing, Religious Education, Sex Education, Humanities, Music (including singing and musical instrument tuition), English as a Foreign Language, Mandarin, Cantonese, Latin, Hebrew, Greek and other subjects too.

Our education packages are bespoke, designed to suit your child. The first lesson determines their needs, interests and challenges with the chosen subject. We collect base-line data in order that they, and you, can see the improvement during their time with Fresh Start Direct.

We provide an experienced tutor to work with your child online, face to face. The tutor will explain, encourage and support your child in their learning.

We prepare and support students for School Entrance exams, GCSE’s, A levels, extra-curricular subjects, Functional Skills, Vocational Studies, Elective Home Education and during exclusion.

Whatever your child’s requirement may be, we can provide tuition safely and securely, during the day, evenings and weekends across the UK and Ireland.

Please read our Terms of Business before completing the Booking Form.

Should you have any questions do call us on: 0203 797 6417

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Catch - Up

Get up to speed - Fast

Is your child falling behind with their school work due to time away from school, illness, anxiety, etc...? We can help.

With additional support, your child can get up to speed - Fast.

Blocks of 10 lessons
Over a maximum of 5 weeks

Out of School?

Keep up with curriculum subjects

One of our tutors will meet the student online to set work for the day. The work will be completed independently by the student and then uploaded for the tutor to assess. The tutor will then meet with the student again online to assess their work and help with any questions.

Two to four 30 minute lessons will take place online a day, covering curriculum subjects and to set and feedback on independent work.

Blocks of 10 (1 hour) lessons
10 lessons to take place over a maximum of 2 weeks

Exam Cram

For your child’s best results…

Trying to squeeze in a few last-minute lessons to help with exam results?

Ease the stress of last minute revision pressure and panic. Book your child on one of our revision courses in any subject at any level to make sure they get the best support for the best results for their exams.

Blocks of 10 lessons
Minimum of 2 Lessons per week to take place over 5 weeks

Homework Support

We provide support for your child when you just don’t have the time, or where you need that little bit of extra specialist support.

We help you with your child’s homework or with any additional learning at any time from late afternoons to evenings and weekends.

Blocks of 10 lessons
Lessons to take place over a maximum of 5 weeks.

Holiday Packages

Does your child need extra educational support, or do they need to stay up to date with their studies during the school holidays?

Book a specialist tutor in advance so that we can support your child’s learning during the holiday season.

Blocks of 10 lessons
Lessons to be used within the holiday period

Home-School Boost

Help for parents who are home educating

Home schooling can be a challenge for any parent. Help is at hand. Our specialist tutors will provide the additional input you need, or just respite from you teaching or struggling with a specific subject.

We can teach any subject at any level for home education and help your child excel at exams.

Blocks of 10 lessons
Lessons to be used over a 5 week period


If a student is unable or refuses to engage with our online 1:1 service, you may be able to arrange to transfer them to Fresh Start in Education Ltd. This is our sister company, a specialist in re-engagement and re-integration.

We are realists.  Sometimes personalities just don’t mix.  A good relationship between student and tutor is an essential part of our service.  If your child has a tutor who, for a good reason, cannot connect with, we will replace them with another tutor.

Tutors are aware that we observe their lessons online from time to time without causing any interruption for quality assurance and safeguarding.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to accept your child, we will refund all money paid by you.

If a tutor is ill and we have to cancel a lesson, we will arrange an alternative time and date.

If you cancel a lesson for any reason, you will still be charged. If a student is ten or more minutes late for a lesson, the lesson will automatically be cancelled, and you will still be charged. If you choose to cancel part way through a block of lessons we will refund any outstanding lessons, minus the charges for 2 weeks lessons.

Lessons cost £40.00* each including VAT. An initial payment of £40.00, for the first lesson, must be made at the time of booking by a Credit or Debit Card.

Once we have confirmed the booking and a lesson schedule, a subsequent payment of £200.00 (covering a further five lessons) will be charged to your Card. The balance of £160.00 (for the final four lessons of the block of 10 lessons) will be charged to your Card, after the fifth lesson has taken place.

*This excludes music lessons and some specialist subjects, which may cost more. It also excludes resources that are not readily available online, costs of exams if our representative needs to attend a school or other meetings. We will agree any additional charges with you in advance.

The minimum block is 10 lessons of 50 minutes. Lessons can be over the course of a week or a month, and we can arrange up to 16 lessons per week. There is no limit to the number of lessons your child can have, or the number of subjects, or the length of time we can support them for. Homework is set as appropriate to the subject, level and goals.

Simply complete the Booking Form to provide the necessary information. Lessons cost £40.00 each including VAT. Once a client is accepted and £40.00 for the first lesson has been paid by Credit or Debit Card, a user name and password will be emailed to you.

When we confirm the booking and lesson schedule, a subsequent payment of £200.00 for five lessons will be charged to your credit card. The balance of £160.00 for four lessons, will be charged to your credit cart after the fifth lesson has taken place.

The student will need a PC, MAC or laptop, with either a built in or separate camera, microphone or headset.

An internet connection with: Upload 1 Mbps, Download 5 Mbps, as a minimum, is required.  A test should be run from the student’s location to ensure these minimum speeds can be achieved.   A compatible and up to date browser will be required; only the following are fully compatible:

  • Google Chrome (version 28 and later versions except iOS)
  • Firefox (version 25.0.1 and later on any device except iOS)
  • Safari on Mac (Mac iOS 10.12 Sierra or later)

Please update your operating system or download and install one of the browsers listed before lessons start.

We are a Private Limited Company based in Kent. We are the sister company of Fresh Start in Education Ltd, who, for over seven years, have been working with vulnerable, at-risk, and excluded children of all ages, across the UK and Ireland.

We ensure qualifications are genuine, that work history is relevant and accurate, we take references and carry out Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and Prohibition from Teaching checks.

We have a contract with all members of staff and policies that they adhere to, which govern behaviour, reporting, safeguarding and conduct. The list can be found on our About Us page.

Our Safeguarding Policy can be viewed here. Safeguarding underpins everything we do, and this is reflected in the rigorous checks we carry out on all our staff.

We have a specially designed online system that enables a tutor and a student to see and hear each other, along with an electronic white board on which they can work together. We have a vast array of resources that our tutors use, selected especially to suit the needs of each student.

All online work is carried out on secure servers meeting Data Protection requirements, that are monitored and supervised.  Only our staff have access to our secure system.

Mathematics, English, Science, Modern Languages, Computing, PSHE, and any subject from the National Curriculum at GCSE and A Level. For students who need a vocational qualification, we also teach Functional Skills and Vocational Courses.