Educational insights


Have you ever heard the saying “it takes two to tango”? That’s a bit like the process it takes to engage with something…or someone. In order for one part of apparatus to work with another, they must fit together…they must engage. It’s a bit like that with learning. For a student to learn successfully, they […]

Body – Mind – Spirit

In order for there to be full engagement in learning, we must take a holistic approach. The body, mind and spirit need to be considered not only as individual parts of a being, but also as interconnected parts, and in order for wholeness to be achieved, there needs to be wholeness in each of the […]

Which of these apply to you?

My child is struggling with schoolwork… My child needs counselling and I don’t know where to get help for them… I wish I had could learn a new subject now… I feel depressed and anxious and need help… I’d like to learn a new language or skill… Fresh Start Direct is here for you…for your […]

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