Frequently asked questions

What subjects do you cover?

Mathematics, English, Science, Modern Languages, Computing, PSHE, and any subject from the National Curriculum at GCSE and A Level. For students who need a vocational qualification, we also teach Functional Skills and Vocational Courses.

How does this work?

We have a specially designed online system that enables a tutor and a student to see and hear each other, along with an electronic white board on which they can work together. We have a vast array of resources that our tutors use, selected especially to suit the needs of each student.
All online work is carried out on secure servers meeting Data Protection requirements, that are monitored and supervised. Only our staff have access to our secure system.

Are all your staff Police checked?

Yes, we ensure qualifications are genuine, that work history is relevant and accurate, we take references and carry out Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and Prohibition from Teaching checks.
We have a contract with all members of staff and policies that they adhere to, which govern behaviour, reporting, safeguarding and conduct. The list can be found on our About Us page.
Our Safeguarding Policy can be viewed here. Safeguarding underpins everything we do, and this is reflected in the rigorous checks we carry out on all our staff.

What equipment is required?

The student will need a PC, MAC or laptop, with either a built in or separate camera, microphone or headset.
The internet connection speed will need to be as follows: Upload 1 Mbps, Download 5 Mbps, as a minimum. If you are not sure of your connection speed, please click here to run one of the many online tests available.

How do I book and pay for lessons?

Simply register for a free consultation and we will arrange a time to call you. We like to use our online video platform for these meetings so you can see how it works, but it's up to you, you may prefer a phone call instead.

You can pay for lessons by Credit Card, Debit Card or a monthly Direct Debit. Lessons are arranged in blocks of 12 and if you pay for them all at once, we will give you a 5% discount.
We will set up lessons as soon as we have received your first payment. You can cancel at any time with 8 days notice, and we will refund any balance to you.

How long do lessons last?

The minimum block is 12 lessons of 50 minutes. Lessons can be over the course of up to two months, and we can arrange up to 16 lessons per week. There is no limit to the number of lessons your child can have, or the number of subjects, or the length of time we can support them for. Homework is set as appropriate to the subject, level and goals.

How much does it cost?

We start with a free online consultation. We can show you how it works and you can ask any questions that you have. It also gives us the opportunity to find out what you want to achieve with face to face online learning

There is no registration fee or administration charges, just a fee per lesson. Lessons last about 50 minutes and you get an update on the progress of each lesson through our Client Portal.

Lessons must need to be paid for monthly in advance.

KS1 & KS2, and school entrance test preparation - £35.00
KS3 and SATS - £38.00
KS4 and KS5 (GCSE & A Level) - £40.00
Adult education - £45.00

These rates include VAT (for private clients).

What guarantee, or refund policy, do you have?

In the unlikely event that we are unable to accept your child, we will refund all money paid by you.
If a tutor is ill and we have to cancel a lesson, we will arrange an alternative time and date.
If you cancel a lesson for any reason, you will still be charged. If a student is ten or more minutes late for a lesson, the lesson will automatically be cancelled, and you will still be charged. If you choose to cancel part way through a block of lessons we will refund any outstanding lessons, less the 8 day notice period. Lessons falling within the notice period are charged for.

How do you check that your tutors are delivering high quality lessons?

Tutors are aware that we observe their lessons online from time to time without causing any interruption for quality assurance and safeguarding.

What if my child doesn’t get on with their tutor?

We are realists. Sometimes personalities just don’t mix. A good relationship between student and tutor is an essential part of our service. If your child has a tutor who, for a good reason, cannot connect with, we will replace them with another tutor.

What if online learning doesn’t work for my child?

You may cancel your booking and we will refund any outstanding lessons minus the 8 day notice period.

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