Body – Mind – Spirit

In order for there to be full engagement in learning, we must take a holistic approach.

The body, mind and spirit need to be considered not only as individual parts of a being, but also as interconnected parts, and in order for wholeness to be achieved, there needs to be wholeness in each of the separate components.

So, what does this mean and how do we apply this to holistic learning?

For any students learning with Fresh Start Direct we are looking at supporting them holistically, that is, taking into account their body, mind and spirit, in order to help them reach optimum success.

The human body is incredibly complex and amazing, when you consider that each of the 7.7 billion people currently living on the earth are all similarly made up, yet so uniquely different at the same time, is it any wonder that one style of learning doesn’t fit everyone?

It’s no secret that movement and exercise are considered a factor of wellbeing, however, the impact of movement/exercise on the brain also has a positive impact on learning. This is due to the increase in oxygen to the brain, which leads to improved cognitive processing, memory and recall functions.  In addition, regular exercise also strengthens and grows the cerebellum…the what, I hear you ask?! The cerebellum is part of the brain that is responsible for motor functions such as movement and coordination as well as being involved in the areas of emotion, language, attention and learning. Regular exercise that gets your heart beating, has a positive effect on your brain and learning – as well as your physical wellbeing!

For students (and adults too!) this can mean making sure to keep moving at regular points through the day. Exercise in the morning might give you the boost needed to get the brain working for the day ahead, making learning more productive. Having a clear and focused head helps with being able to engage with learning. And it’s not just the brain we think about when we think about the body functioning at optimum level for learning. 

Sleep, water and fuel, all impact on our ability to learn. I’m sure we’ve all heard the term “hangry”, that point where we’re so hungry we become angry! Lack of food, sleep and water results in the body having to direct its energy to these areas in order to function. Concentration and lack of ability 

to fully engage in learning sink low in priorities for the body to work on!

We encourage all our students to eat well, stay hydrated and take care of themselves, including getting enough sleep!

All these things are contributing factors in our engagement with learning!

Next we’ll move on to our minds! 

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