Our History

Fresh Start Direct belongs to the Fresh Start Group of Companies who clearly place the child, their wellbeing and a successful education at the heart of their mission.

One of the main companies within the group, Fresh Start in Education, has provided support and education services to children who for whatever reason are out of or are struggling with education.

Working primarily with local authorities, we saw that there is also a need for children who are in mainstream schools to get a bit of extra help too. This might be because they struggle with a particular subject or need support approaching exams.

Fresh Start Direct builds on this heritage to bring best in class online tutoring to children and adults across the UK and beyond. We are parents too and understand that sometimes we all need a bit of extra help to engage, achieve and succeed. We’re here to help.

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Your free 20-minute session helps us pair your child with their ideal tutor and plan a programme that provides the optimum path to success.
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