Instilling a love of life-long learning

Some learning experiences stay with us for life.

Not only do they open doors that lead us along the path to success, but leave us with the self belief to always try our hardest and be our best.

About Fresh Start Direct

Fresh Start Direct draws on the experience and expertise of our established sister company, Fresh Start in Education. Our passion is education and our main motivation is helping to give children the best possible chances in life. Our aim is to reach a wide range of students with broad and varying needs.

With experienced online tutors, we work by engaging students with one-to-one tuition, offering a fully immersive and enjoyable experience tailored directly to the student’s needs.

Why Learn at Fresh Start Direct?

We teach to your child’s individuality
We help instill confidence and love of learning
We’re focused on achieving desired results
Our platform is secure and safe
Our tutors are excellent at what they do
Our service is easy to use and convenient
We offer clear and simple pricing
We provide wellbeing and mental health support
We offer a holistic approach

Who we help

First and foremost we’re here to help students succeed, achieve their goals and feel confident in their abilities. We’re also here for parents and carers to help them feel confident they’re doing their best for their children.

Alongside our first-rate tutoring service and the many experienced tutors we work with, we can also provide professional advice about special needs services and provide access to qualified counsellors.

So whether your child is in need of academic support, or whether you’re concerned for their emotional and mental wellbeing and have struggled to find appropriate help, we offer a range of services that can help.

Book a FREE session today

Your free 20-minute session helps us pair your child with their ideal tutor and plan a programme that provides the optimum path to success.
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