Excellence and individuality in online education.

Fresh Start Direct is the new benchmark in online education. We bring high-quality one-to-one tutoring that’s tailored to your child’s unique needs into the comfort of your own home.
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Engage. Achieve. Succeed.

  • "I am sure Maria has done really well in her exams but more so she has managed to get through this very difficult phase of her education/life and is in the process of securing a college placement."
  • "These 4 months have been fantastic for me. You're easily one of the best teachers I've ever had. You've taught me a lot and helped me realise that there's more to do in life than the same old things over and over."
  • "Henry has remained wonderfully calm for his A level maths examinations, he was composed and very workmanlike throughout his exams. Thank you Fresh Start so much for all your wonderful work with Henry – It will all have been worthwhile."
  • "Please pass my thanks on to the tutor, she was amazing with Felix last week. She got him straight away."

Tailored learning experience

With our online tutoring service, we assess and teach to your child’s individuality and unique learning needs.

Top tutors from the comfort of your home

All of our tutors have been vetted so you can rest assured that your child is in safe, capable, expert hands.

Track your child’s progress

We give you the ability to track your child’s progress using our easy-to-navigate portal.

A holistic approach to education

We provide bespoke tutoring that takes into account your child's needs.

Clear and simple pricing

We don’t have any hidden extras.
  • We teach to your child’s individuality
  • We help instill confidence and love of learning
  • We’re focused on achieving desired results
  • Our platform is safe and secure
  • Our tutors are experts at what they do
  • We provide wellbeing and mental health support

Book a FREE session today

Your free 20-minute session helps us pair your child with their ideal tutor and plan a programme that provides the optimum path to success.
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